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Braketex - Clutchtex


Braketex for brakes, Clutchtex for clutches -

1st & only 100% Kevlar composite friction material, produced by Tribco (

Non standard items fabricated and lined with Braketex.

Screw-in metal backed linings for large shoes (eliminates the need to remove heavy shoes from machinery to strip and reline).


Can be used in both wet and dry applications.

Last 3 to 5 times longer than other materials. Delivers higher torque at lower pressure.

Eliminates dust problems. Does not scratch or score drums or disks.

Its versatility makes it suitable for all types of friction applications from small drives and centrifugal clutches to large industrial presses and stamping equipment.


Applications for Paper, Print & Board: Winders, Rewinders, Sheeters, Slitters, Reelstands, Clutches, Motor brakes, Cranes and Hoists. Innovatech can supply new replacement pads and linings for most manufacturers, including MEG/Megtek, Montalvo,Tidland, Twiflex, Valmet & Warner, Horton/Nexen, Jagenberg.

Braketex & Clutchtex


Tribco dust free longer life Kevlar brakes and clutches...




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